October 2018

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New benefit available for Delta Dental PPO participating dentists

College tuition can be costly, but a new benefit available to Delta Dental PPOSM participating dentists and their staff helps ease the burden and put more colleges within reach.

Through a partnership between Delta Dental of Indiana and SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards®, eligible dentists and their staff can earn Tuition Rewards points that can be applied toward college tuition for children, stepchildren, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or godchildren.

Eligible dentists and staff earn Tuition Rewards points that represent a guaranteed  minimum discount equivalent to $1, with a maximum discount of up to one year’s tuition spread equally over four years of undergraduate, full-time education at one of SAGE’s participating colleges.

  • Delta Dental PPO participating dentists earn 5,000 points per year, per contracted dentist.
  • Staff at participating Delta Dental PPO offices earn 3,000 points per year, per staff member.

Points are not awarded retroactively; you start earning points when you complete your enrollment. Colleges reserve the right to include Tuition Rewards as part of other institutional awards.

This opportunity costs you nothing! Learn more, register and review applicable restrictions at www.deltadentalin.com/tuitionrewards. With questions, email tuitionrewards@deltadentalin.com or call 888-240-1414.

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Important notice regarding phone inquiries

Phone call

Effective December 1, 2018, Delta Dental plans in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana will no longer accept phone inquiries from third-party solutions, for example Medusind, BPOSS and Clinicspectrum, that initiate calls to obtain benefits and eligibility information on behalf of dental offices. Research shows that some of these entities are not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and cannot be adequately verified.

Although Delta Dental plans in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana will no longer provide member benefits information to third-party services by phone, dental providers can still retrieve benefit and eligibility information by phone, by accessing the Delta Dental website, or by submitting pre-treatment estimates.  

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Quarterly update mailings

MailingAs a reminder, all participating dentists will receive quarterly (four times a year) mailings asking you to confirm dental office information or to make corrections or additions as needed. Failure to notify Delta Dental of any changes is a violation of your participation agreement. All offices are required to return the letters, regardless of whether there are changes. These quarterly audits help us provide accurate directory listings, and timely and accurate claims processing. For faster service, please call provider records at 800-656-6495 for correct forms and any required documentation to add a provider to your location.

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