Delta Dental of Indiana

Master's Thesis Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2016 award recipients!

The University of Michigan School of Dentistry

  • Chu-Chun Hsiao, "A Novel Material for Pulpal Regeneration After Direct Pulp Therapy" A Pre-Clinical Pilot Study"
  • Dr. Jesse Kane, "Shear Bond Strength of Repaired Bis-Acryl Provisional Crown Material"
  • Dr. Thomas Kwun, "Effect of Fit Setting in CAD/CAM Fabricated Co-Cr Coping on Internal and Marginal Fit"
  • Dr. James Mailoa, "The influence of mucosa thickness on peri-implant marginal bone loss: a cross-sectional study"
  • May Ling Rodriguez Villamizar, "Patient treatment Acceotance Based on 3D Image Analysis of the Dentition"
  • Marrisa Sandidge, "Improving toothbrushing compiance for children with autism through stimulus fading"
  • Sarah Skylawer, "The Role of Mzx2 in Osteoblast Differentiation and Intramembranous Bone Formation"
  • Dr. Inna Sydorak, "Control of Orthodontic Tooth Movement by Polymer Microsphere Controlled Delivery of Osteoprotegerin in Sprague-Dawley Rats"
  • Basma Ghandourah, "Anti-Cariogenic Properties and Mechanism of Action of a Novel Bioactive Composite in Two In-Vitro Caries Models"
  • Juliana Castro-Lapiera, "Effect of Cementation Techniques and Implant Abutement Modifications on the Extrusion of Cement Around Margins and the Axial Retention of Cement Retained Dental Implant Restorations"
  • Dr. Jiafeng Gu, "Evaluation of Invisalign Treatment with Peer Assessment Rating (PAR) Index"
  • Dr. Elizabeth K. Johnson, "Borderline Dental Attractiveness Judged by IOTN and Facial Attractiveness Evaluated by Eye-Tracking"

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry

  • Ammar Al-Mahdi, "Gift Giving from Orthodontist to General Dentist; Perception and Outcome"
  • Jennifer A. Burzynski, "A comparison of digital intraoral scanners and alginate impressions: time and patient satisfaction"
  • Dr. Robert T Christensen, "Lower Dental Midline Stability: Effect of Primary Canine Loss"
  • Dr. James Sacksteder, "Dental Arch Width and Length Parameters in patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea vs Patients Without"
  • Dr. Barrett Nordstrom, "Comparison of NiTi and TiNbTaZr Archwires in Initial Orthodontic Alignment"

Indiana University School of Dentistry

  • Naif Abogazalah, "Performance of Near Infrared Digital Imaging Transillmination for Detection of Non-caviated Approximal Caries and Lesion Depth"
  • Dr. Hanan Al-Johani, "Effect of Etching Duration on the Surface Roughness, Volumetric Loss, Flexural Strength and Shear Bond Strength of IPS e.mas CAD Glass Ceramic to a Resin Cement"
  • Dr. Rana Alkattan, "The Influence of Baseline Hardness and Chemical Composition on Enamel Demineralization and Subsequent Remineralization"
  • Yasmin Alzayer, "The impact of nicotine/cigarette smoke condensate on metabolic activit and biofilm formation of Candida albicans on acrylic denture"
  • Jordan Jacobs, "The ability of new intracanal medicaments to prevent the colonization of multi-species biofilm on radicular dentin”
  • Dr. Daryl Kwan, "Reduction of Enteroccocus faecalis Biofilm by Violet Blue Light and Sodium Hypochloriate"
  • Dr. Ali Maarafi, "The Effect of Fluoride Treatment Time and Concentration on Caries Lesion Demineralization and Remineralization"
  • Pranai Nakaparksin, "Evaluation of contact angle between root canal sealers and dentin treated with calcium hydroxide and irrigation solutions"
  • Alex Troxel, "The antibacterial effect of new intracanal medicaments against established multispecies biofilm”