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Brighter Futures Community Grant

Brighter Futures Community Grants Program

The 2016 grant submission deadline has passed.
Brighter Futures Community Grants Program

Program Description:

Each year, the Delta Dental Foundation provides financial support through its Brighter Futures Community Grants program to various community organizations and programs which promote/provide oral health care for children and/or adults.

This year, the DDF will be providing $150,000 to support programs that focus on adult and/or children’s oral health.


In considering Brighter Futures Community Grants program requests, the DDF evaluates each application on its own merit. Careful consideration is given to each request, and requests are reviewed in terms of general eligibility and conformity with grant guidelines, funds available and the amount needed to achieve the desired results and program priorities.

Also taken into consideration are: programs/activities in which the requesting organization is engaged; the number and type of constituencies served; services offered; accountability and fundraising practices; availability of other funding sources; and past successes.

  • Brighter Futures Community Grants program is limited to a maximum of $5,000 per grant.
  • Grants must be dedicated to local not-for-profit programs designed to promote oral health in Michigan, Indiana and/or Ohio.
  • Of particular interest are programs designed to promote/improve the oral health of underserved or at-risk populations and to those which have an oral health education component.
  • Only one proposal per organization per year will be considered.

Application deadline: September 30, 2016
Recipient award announcement: December 2016

Brighter Futures Community Grants Program Application


Reporting Form:

When the Delta Dental Foundation awards a grant, we enter into a partnership with you that we hope will help us to learn more about effective ways to improve oral health. This report is the primary tool we use in measuring the achievements of the programs/projects we support and the impact that our philanthropic dollars have in the communities we serve.

Each prior grant recipient must complete and submit a grant reporting form by the grant submission deadline of September 30, 2016, in order to be considered for the 2016 Brighter Futures Community Grants program.

Brighter Futures Community Grants Program Reporting Form

Please submit completed form to


2015 Brighter Futures Community Grants Program Recipients:

  • Damar Services
  • Gennesaret Free Clinic, Inc.
  • Healthy Smiles of Indiana, Inc.
  • League of Terre Haute
  • Matthew 25, Inc.
  • National Children's Oral Health Foundation
  • NorthShore Health Centers
  • School Smiles Foundation, Inc.
  • Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation Head Start
  • Tulip Tree Health Services of Gibson County, Inc.
  • United Way of Greater Cincinnati
  • Warren Early Childhood Center

Questions? Contact DDF at 517-347-5333 or